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5 Steps to be durable and stable motor

Examination of Fuel System & Carburetor income
When the rains caused the air content (02) as mixing the fuel sucked by the carburetor so that the water contains a great deal if the conditions are like Tank Fuel System Fuel, Cranes Fuel and fuel pipes have rust or water content will result in engine performance faltered. It would be more difficult in rainy conditions. Coming to the Official Workshop for periodic maintenance.

Checking Engine Oil
When the rains that contains a lot of air condition and there are puddles of water on some roads more than 30 cm in height (the size of an adult knee) will definitely facilitate the water into the machine and mixed with oil. It was easy to detect driver namely by looking at whether to change the color of the oil becomes milky white. If yes means the water has been mixed. Go for the replacement of oil if it has passed the high street flooding. This is to avoid further damage to the machine.

Air Filter Inspection
Water can also enter through an air filter. Especially if the pass is high enough standing water or flooding. If water is not too high even potentially get into the machine, especially if the vehicle four wheel drive motorcycles in addition to or in the opposite direction. Will create a wave of water and hit the front of the motor as a result of water entering through the air filter. If the amount of water is too much to get in, will result in a more severe of Water Hammer.
Water hammer is a hard blow in the combustion chamber which caused severe damage to the engine such as: crooked rod piston (Connecting Rod), Broken Piston, etc..

Braking System Inspection
Inspect the work function of the front and rear brakes, do the simulation of braking before driving a few times to make sure the function works well, other than detection function if there squeaking sound if yes, which means that the surface was slippery Brake Lining Canvas and need treatment. If the function was less well check the thickness of the brake pad thickness by looking directly (Disk Brake) and see indicators of thickness on the type of drum brakes. If it's too small to do the replacement immediately in the Official Workshop.

Steering System Inspection
Lastly, check the steering system, because it required a good stability when driving during rainy days. Besides, it is difficult to predict road conditions such as holes, rocks or while avoiding other motorists that suddenly stopped. Ask your mechanic to check the Official Workshop. Or you can do the following tips for initial examination:
1. Position the motorcycle on Main Standard (Main Stand)
2. Grasp both Front Fork (Fork Front) while squatting. But before that make sure the position of your fingers are not too close to the Disk Brake Front because it will hurt. Motorcycles conditions do not shake shake. and make sure there are no other people nearby.
3. Push and pull towards the front and rear
4. Taste whether there is any looseness or not.

If there is a looseness, immediately ask for a mechanical repair shop network official Honda / AHASS / other formal workshop to tighten and check again heavy and light steering movements.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10th Step Saver Fuel

There are several ways to get fuel consumption figures in the most efficient, with a variety of adjustment and maintenance of motorcycles.

1. Check tire pressure
Make sure the tire pressure motor according to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer, either for single or rode tandem conditions. Proper tire pressure can either efficient to 10-15% fuel, engine performance articles are not too burdened.

2. Check for smooth wheel
Wheel rotation axis is not smooth and not balanced is one of the causes of fuel to be wasteful, it forces more rounds of machine motor west because the tires are not functioning optimally.

3. Check the brake free play distance
Cold compress the foot brake lever free play should ideally 1-2 cm. If this adjustment is too tight, will be rubbing against the brake drum. As a result the pull the motor and brake hampered ascertained easily eroded.

4. Check the condition of engine oil viscosity
A good lubricant machine can economize petrol up 15%, use the recommended lubricant machine manufacturers such as motor oil that direkomenkan AHM for Honda motorcycles.


We choose a motorcycle transportation is usually more economical and more reasonable speed-up because they can slip and go dark alley or narrow street. However, traffic that is increasingly crowded and chaotic at rush hours or rush hours, especially Jabodetabek indonesia make stress. Go to work or school or other activities must be early. Home was not predictable when arriving. Motor is reliable so the solution to face traffic jams, even sometimes joins queue trapped between the rows of weaving on four wheels.

If a breakdown was inevitable, the crush, the old, the existing body pains Arriving goals. There were colleagues from Jakarta Defensive Driving Automation (JDDC), Jusri Pulubuhu comfortable advising that motorcycles are invited to confront and break through the bottleneck. "Change the ergonomic motor, this can be done individually" he said. Depending on how the position of bikers that are considered comfortable.

Brake and clutch levers

There are bikers, especially the riders sport type or manually change the position of the clutch handle. Brake or clutch lever angle more made up. This fact is not really comfortable. This position works the triceps muscles. In normal circumstances it is working the biceps. "The effect, in addition to reduced hand strength can also be made quickly exhausted and the concentration is reduced," said Jusri.


Replace handlebar clamp model needs to be reconsidered. Especially if it's done just the look or style chase bent like a racer. Not to support comfort. This obviously affects the ergonomics. The more straight and parallel to handlebar, the more comfortable driving. This model is perfect for touring the city needs a lot of maneuvering in a traffic jam.


As much as possible the body weight supported or rested on the biggest muscle in the body, namely the hands and feet. Also when driving. There is nothing wrong restore baseball front shock position at a standard height. Besides being more equitable, the body was not easily tired. Because body weight is not longer supported by the hand, especially when braking. The portion that is received should be balanced.

Cog wheel

Apparently, raising the rear gear about two eyes can be considered the process of Stop and Go does not make motorcycles so weight and wasteful of gasoline. Consequently, top-speed to be reduced at the track straight. But before changing gear, think also about the power to weigth ratio, lest one gear change. Change something, need consideration.

Should indeed modify the motor not just because it wants to look and look cool. That there is even making trouble. The most important is the feasibility and convenience. Kan with this ourselves, not others.

What Are the Motorcycle Engine Basics and What Are the Factors Responsible Over It's Working

Engines are basically same for almost all automobiles. A motorcycle engine does not differ much from a car engine. It consists of a metallic cylinder and a head with valve train, and pistons. Valves open at regular intervals to allow in the mixture of fuel and air for combustion in the cylinder. A spark from the spark plug ignites this mixture due to which huge pressure is generated and the pistons are pushed upward. The pistons are connected to the wheels by a crankshaft. The movements of piston turn the crankshaft which in turn rotates the wheels of the motorcycle. Here are some motorcycle engine basics which clearly describe its structure.

Cylinder is the main part of an engine. In a motorcycle engine, the number of cylinders can vary from one to six and can be classified on this basis. For a long time, the only type of cylinder in vogue in America, Japan, etc has been the V-twin cylinders. These are so called because of their arrangement as a V making an angle with each other. In Harley-Davidson bikes, angle between cylinders is 45 degrees, but it may vary in other bikes to decrease vibration.

If the pistons lie opposite to each other due to the orientation of two cylinders, the design is called opposed-twin type. Another type is the parallel-twin type in which the pistons are placed in parallel or side by side.

These days, engine with four cylinders is quite on the run. It increases the revolutions per minute and smoothens the ride. The four cylinders can be placed in a row or even if two cylinders are placed in a V, the other two can be arranged on the two sides of the V.

The capacity of an engine is related with its size which in turn is related to the power output. It ranges from 50cc to 1500cc. Small motorcycles use 50cc engines which offer a mileage of 100-miles-to-gallon fuel, but as far as speed is concerned, only 30 to 35 miles per hour is achieved. Cylinders and capacity form the motorcycle engine basics which define its efficiency.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motorbike SOS

Cars are necessity; motor bikes have always been seen as a bit of a luxury on Britain's roads. And breaking down in your car is a much more pleasant experience than if you are to break down on your bike. At least in a car, although slightly less exciting, you have a roof and doors, in case the wind is howling and the rain beating down.

Minimise the hassle of breaking down when out for a ride, by taking a little SOS pack with you every time you head out on the bike. Pack a small torch to help you see in the dark if you need to do some quick fixing, and a couple of small screwdrivers, in case the problem is just as simple as something needing tightening.

It sounds silly, but check the fuel. You may have been enjoying yourself and forgotten to check the fuel gauge, therefore running out of petrol. Or, more likely, you may have sprung a leak, causing you to lose all important fuel, and starve the engine.

Having a roadside cover is also important, if you are miles away from home it could e a saving grace should you break down. A lot of companies give you a credit card sized card to keep in your wallet, so should you break down you have someone on hand within an hour or so.

Make sure that your Motor Insurance is up to date. Bike insurance quotes can be easily obtained on line, and will save you time and money in the long run.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Motorized Bicycle - New Generation Go Green Product

Motorized bicycles are one of the best ways to inhale some fresh air, go green and reduce air pollution.

A bicycle engine kits consists of a drive system that can be incorporated easily and without much difficulty onto a bicycle in a manner that enable the bicycle to pedal in a relaxed mode without increasing force required to pedal the bicycle. The motorized bicycle consists of a wheel on which a drive gear is mounted, which in turn is linked to the drive gear, and a drive device attached to the driven gear. The drive device comprise a motor designed to rotate an output shaft, a rotatable drive shaft, a first drive device connecting the output shaft to the drive shaft, and a second drive tool detachably linking the drive shaft to the driven gear. The second drive device is activated by rotation of the drive shaft by the first drive tool. The drive system is mounted on a support that is adjustable and mounted on the bicycle's structure.

Early designs typically consist of chain or gear technologies which were driven by a motor and which were in permanent contact with the bicycle's drive sprocket along with the pedals. While these motorized driving technologies did supply a secondary power to a bicycle, they have their own disadvantages as well. Like, the motor and its drive system were generally in direct contact with the pedals all the times, which need the rider to drive the motor during pedaling. The use of the motor importantly enhanced the power required to pedal the bicycle. In addition, the drive technologies of these early motorized bike were tough to incorporate into existing bicycles as they need complicated driving facilities which required wide-spanning modifications of the bicycles onto which they were fixed. As a result, these technologies could not be used on multi-speed bicycles.

If you are planning to purchase a motorized bicycle, there are many alternatives and restrictions to take care of. Find out the restrictions prevalent in your state. The laws on riding bicycles vary significantly from one state to another. You can check out for an electric or gas motor. Frankly speaking, quality gas motors are more expensive and exclusive and needs to be repaired frequently but will take you faster and farther whereas electric motors are cheaper and require less maintenance but reach out shorter distances at lower speeds. You should also decide on whether to buy a kit to incorporate a motor to an existing bicycle or just buy the fully built bicycles which are motorized.

Now where can you find such product! If you live in or close to a metropolitan city, you may find a dealer in any of the showrooms. Check with local bicycle and scooter dealers to find out if they possess what you are looking for. If you are unable to find anything in your close vicinity, do not give up. The Internet is flooded with manufacturers of both kits and pre-built motorized bicycles. If you are not a typical nerd, seek a second opinion on your selected bicycle or kit before buying.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Many emotional harm

Driving techniques and psychology are intimately associated bikers. in concept Honda Riding Safety Promotion, psychology can affect driving behavior or attitude and also the alias technique tactic. In an unstable psychological condition, for example, angry or emotional, driving force would not have known. Aka reckless driving techniques inefficient, Besides not safety, driving in such circumstances will affect the fuel consumption. Just a lot to lose.

Driving like anything that can be influenced by unstable mental condition. First, set the throttle that is not true. The greater the throttle means more gasoline into the carburetor intake. Obviously, fuel consumption will increase drastically compared to when the motor rotation in accordance gas driving conditions and gear. Similar to regulate engine speed, the higher the rpm the more fuel is sucked. Other behaviors that is often moving into gear. This is because, in the emotional state of uncontrolled movements. "The position of the right gear at the proper speed and proper engine speed is the key fuel-efficient, "explained Anggono Iriawan, AHM riding Safety Manager.

When using high engine rpm low gear, In addition to this discomfort also causes waste of fuel. Exactly match the low engine speed, in high gear position. Then, in their haste, accidentally, the driver opened the gas maximum. Screaming machine. Frequent occurrence in their haste, so see the green light, directly in the gas drag. "Make fast the engine damaged too extravagant," the message Anggono.

In such conditions, motorists must take the race bai, Cut by the opposition, would be trying to catch up. Ridwan Z. Syaaf, professor of psychology at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Public Health said that if the accident had caused more driving rather than technical factors. "But non-technical. As traffic violation. Also driving the bad mental condition," he explained. Rider, added Ridwan, should understand that driving with an unstable condition to be the beginning of calamity. "Do not bring the motor in a state of anger," bilangnya. Therefore, it is important to prepare not only the physical drivers in driving. But also mentally.