Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10th Step Saver Fuel

There are several ways to get fuel consumption figures in the most efficient, with a variety of adjustment and maintenance of motorcycles.

1. Check tire pressure
Make sure the tire pressure motor according to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer, either for single or rode tandem conditions. Proper tire pressure can either efficient to 10-15% fuel, engine performance articles are not too burdened.

2. Check for smooth wheel
Wheel rotation axis is not smooth and not balanced is one of the causes of fuel to be wasteful, it forces more rounds of machine motor west because the tires are not functioning optimally.

3. Check the brake free play distance
Cold compress the foot brake lever free play should ideally 1-2 cm. If this adjustment is too tight, will be rubbing against the brake drum. As a result the pull the motor and brake hampered ascertained easily eroded.

4. Check the condition of engine oil viscosity
A good lubricant machine can economize petrol up 15%, use the recommended lubricant machine manufacturers such as motor oil that direkomenkan AHM for Honda motorcycles.