Sunday, May 30, 2010

5 Steps to be durable and stable motor

Examination of Fuel System & Carburetor income
When the rains caused the air content (02) as mixing the fuel sucked by the carburetor so that the water contains a great deal if the conditions are like Tank Fuel System Fuel, Cranes Fuel and fuel pipes have rust or water content will result in engine performance faltered. It would be more difficult in rainy conditions. Coming to the Official Workshop for periodic maintenance.

Checking Engine Oil
When the rains that contains a lot of air condition and there are puddles of water on some roads more than 30 cm in height (the size of an adult knee) will definitely facilitate the water into the machine and mixed with oil. It was easy to detect driver namely by looking at whether to change the color of the oil becomes milky white. If yes means the water has been mixed. Go for the replacement of oil if it has passed the high street flooding. This is to avoid further damage to the machine.

Air Filter Inspection
Water can also enter through an air filter. Especially if the pass is high enough standing water or flooding. If water is not too high even potentially get into the machine, especially if the vehicle four wheel drive motorcycles in addition to or in the opposite direction. Will create a wave of water and hit the front of the motor as a result of water entering through the air filter. If the amount of water is too much to get in, will result in a more severe of Water Hammer.
Water hammer is a hard blow in the combustion chamber which caused severe damage to the engine such as: crooked rod piston (Connecting Rod), Broken Piston, etc..

Braking System Inspection
Inspect the work function of the front and rear brakes, do the simulation of braking before driving a few times to make sure the function works well, other than detection function if there squeaking sound if yes, which means that the surface was slippery Brake Lining Canvas and need treatment. If the function was less well check the thickness of the brake pad thickness by looking directly (Disk Brake) and see indicators of thickness on the type of drum brakes. If it's too small to do the replacement immediately in the Official Workshop.

Steering System Inspection
Lastly, check the steering system, because it required a good stability when driving during rainy days. Besides, it is difficult to predict road conditions such as holes, rocks or while avoiding other motorists that suddenly stopped. Ask your mechanic to check the Official Workshop. Or you can do the following tips for initial examination:
1. Position the motorcycle on Main Standard (Main Stand)
2. Grasp both Front Fork (Fork Front) while squatting. But before that make sure the position of your fingers are not too close to the Disk Brake Front because it will hurt. Motorcycles conditions do not shake shake. and make sure there are no other people nearby.
3. Push and pull towards the front and rear
4. Taste whether there is any looseness or not.

If there is a looseness, immediately ask for a mechanical repair shop network official Honda / AHASS / other formal workshop to tighten and check again heavy and light steering movements.