Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We choose a motorcycle transportation is usually more economical and more reasonable speed-up because they can slip and go dark alley or narrow street. However, traffic that is increasingly crowded and chaotic at rush hours or rush hours, especially Jabodetabek indonesia make stress. Go to work or school or other activities must be early. Home was not predictable when arriving. Motor is reliable so the solution to face traffic jams, even sometimes joins queue trapped between the rows of weaving on four wheels.

If a breakdown was inevitable, the crush, the old, the existing body pains Arriving goals. There were colleagues from Jakarta Defensive Driving Automation (JDDC), Jusri Pulubuhu comfortable advising that motorcycles are invited to confront and break through the bottleneck. "Change the ergonomic motor, this can be done individually" he said. Depending on how the position of bikers that are considered comfortable.

Brake and clutch levers

There are bikers, especially the riders sport type or manually change the position of the clutch handle. Brake or clutch lever angle more made up. This fact is not really comfortable. This position works the triceps muscles. In normal circumstances it is working the biceps. "The effect, in addition to reduced hand strength can also be made quickly exhausted and the concentration is reduced," said Jusri.


Replace handlebar clamp model needs to be reconsidered. Especially if it's done just the look or style chase bent like a racer. Not to support comfort. This obviously affects the ergonomics. The more straight and parallel to handlebar, the more comfortable driving. This model is perfect for touring the city needs a lot of maneuvering in a traffic jam.


As much as possible the body weight supported or rested on the biggest muscle in the body, namely the hands and feet. Also when driving. There is nothing wrong restore baseball front shock position at a standard height. Besides being more equitable, the body was not easily tired. Because body weight is not longer supported by the hand, especially when braking. The portion that is received should be balanced.

Cog wheel

Apparently, raising the rear gear about two eyes can be considered the process of Stop and Go does not make motorcycles so weight and wasteful of gasoline. Consequently, top-speed to be reduced at the track straight. But before changing gear, think also about the power to weigth ratio, lest one gear change. Change something, need consideration.

Should indeed modify the motor not just because it wants to look and look cool. That there is even making trouble. The most important is the feasibility and convenience. Kan with this ourselves, not others.