Thursday, May 20, 2010

Many emotional harm

Driving techniques and psychology are intimately associated bikers. in concept Honda Riding Safety Promotion, psychology can affect driving behavior or attitude and also the alias technique tactic. In an unstable psychological condition, for example, angry or emotional, driving force would not have known. Aka reckless driving techniques inefficient, Besides not safety, driving in such circumstances will affect the fuel consumption. Just a lot to lose.

Driving like anything that can be influenced by unstable mental condition. First, set the throttle that is not true. The greater the throttle means more gasoline into the carburetor intake. Obviously, fuel consumption will increase drastically compared to when the motor rotation in accordance gas driving conditions and gear. Similar to regulate engine speed, the higher the rpm the more fuel is sucked. Other behaviors that is often moving into gear. This is because, in the emotional state of uncontrolled movements. "The position of the right gear at the proper speed and proper engine speed is the key fuel-efficient, "explained Anggono Iriawan, AHM riding Safety Manager.

When using high engine rpm low gear, In addition to this discomfort also causes waste of fuel. Exactly match the low engine speed, in high gear position. Then, in their haste, accidentally, the driver opened the gas maximum. Screaming machine. Frequent occurrence in their haste, so see the green light, directly in the gas drag. "Make fast the engine damaged too extravagant," the message Anggono.

In such conditions, motorists must take the race bai, Cut by the opposition, would be trying to catch up. Ridwan Z. Syaaf, professor of psychology at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Public Health said that if the accident had caused more driving rather than technical factors. "But non-technical. As traffic violation. Also driving the bad mental condition," he explained. Rider, added Ridwan, should understand that driving with an unstable condition to be the beginning of calamity. "Do not bring the motor in a state of anger," bilangnya. Therefore, it is important to prepare not only the physical drivers in driving. But also mentally.