Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Are the Motorcycle Engine Basics and What Are the Factors Responsible Over It's Working

Engines are basically same for almost all automobiles. A motorcycle engine does not differ much from a car engine. It consists of a metallic cylinder and a head with valve train, and pistons. Valves open at regular intervals to allow in the mixture of fuel and air for combustion in the cylinder. A spark from the spark plug ignites this mixture due to which huge pressure is generated and the pistons are pushed upward. The pistons are connected to the wheels by a crankshaft. The movements of piston turn the crankshaft which in turn rotates the wheels of the motorcycle. Here are some motorcycle engine basics which clearly describe its structure.

Cylinder is the main part of an engine. In a motorcycle engine, the number of cylinders can vary from one to six and can be classified on this basis. For a long time, the only type of cylinder in vogue in America, Japan, etc has been the V-twin cylinders. These are so called because of their arrangement as a V making an angle with each other. In Harley-Davidson bikes, angle between cylinders is 45 degrees, but it may vary in other bikes to decrease vibration.

If the pistons lie opposite to each other due to the orientation of two cylinders, the design is called opposed-twin type. Another type is the parallel-twin type in which the pistons are placed in parallel or side by side.

These days, engine with four cylinders is quite on the run. It increases the revolutions per minute and smoothens the ride. The four cylinders can be placed in a row or even if two cylinders are placed in a V, the other two can be arranged on the two sides of the V.

The capacity of an engine is related with its size which in turn is related to the power output. It ranges from 50cc to 1500cc. Small motorcycles use 50cc engines which offer a mileage of 100-miles-to-gallon fuel, but as far as speed is concerned, only 30 to 35 miles per hour is achieved. Cylinders and capacity form the motorcycle engine basics which define its efficiency.

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